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Nemeton ItaCon Untold
to Jul 16

Nemeton ItaCon Untold

Per l'Italiano scorrete a fine pagina.

Nemeton Itacon ™ Untold the Italian Convention for the Teen Wolf series fandom will take place in  Rome, Italy from 13th till 15th July 2018. It is a private event organized by the Cultural Association FantasyEvents. To take part to it, you need to send an email, starting from SATURDAY 14th OCTOBER AT 10AM to requesting an invite called Pass, with you name surname and Birthdate, there are several kind of Passes so it is up to you to decide which kind of access to the event you prefer. Asking to take part at any event organized by the Association, you become a subscriber of the Association. You can find all info regarding the Association activities on .

Only people older than 14 years old at the time of the event can attend the Convention. Once your request has been accepted you will can register and will receive information on how to pay the subscription to the event. It is possible to register to the event only for the names requested in the first email, it is not possible to register or pay for not approved people. If you are under 16yo you need to be accompanied by an over 18 chaperone authorized by your parents. It is possible to request a max of 5 Invites per email if you want to be seated nearby. If you send email requests in different moments we cannot guarantee you will be seated next to each other. Further information and the event's T&C are available here.

***** L’evento Nemeton Itacon ™ Untold, dedicato al fandom della serie tv Teen Wolf, si terrà in Italia dal 13 al 15 Luglio 2018 è a posti limitati riservati ai soci dell'Associazione Culturale FantasyEvents. Facendo richiesta di partecipazione si accetta automaticamente di diventare parte dell'Associazione medesima. Per partecipare è necessario fare richiesta per un Invito (denominato Pass). SOLO chi ha compiuto almeno 14 anni (ossia dai 14 anni in su’) al momento della Convention puo’ partecipare, i minori di 16 anni (ossia chi ha ancora 14 o 15 anni al 13 Luglio 2018) puo’ partecipare alla festa solo se accompagnato da maggiorenne e munito di delega dei tutori legali e copia dei documenti. Lo stesso maggiorenne puo' accompagnare un massimo di 3 minori di 16 anni.  Facendo richiesta di partecipazione ad un evento organizzato dalla FantasyEvents si accetta automaticamente di diventare socio della stessa per l’anno solare in questione e se ne accettano tutte le regole e condizioni.

Per richiedere un invito è necessario inviare una mail A PARTIRE DA SABATO 14 OTTOBRE ORE 10:00 a indicando nell'oggetto della Email: Richiesta Pass Nemeton Untold e dati personali: Nome, Cognome e Data di nascita, è possibile fare richiesta di un massimo di 5 inviti all’interno di ogni email, comunicando i dati per ogni persona per la quale si desidera un Pass. SE AVETE PARTECIPATO ALL'ULTIMA NEMETON DI GENNAIO 2017 potete inviare la vostra richiesta gia' a partire da VENERDI' 13 ORE 17:00.
Una volta verificati i vostri dati, saranno inviate tramite email,  le istruzioni per poter accedere alla pagina dei Pass.  Tale approvazione è valida SOLO ed UNICAMENTE per il quantitativo ed i nominativi presenti nella vostra email di richiesta invito; non è consentito effettuare la registrazione per nominativi diversi da quelli approvati.

Eventuali pass prenotati irregolarmente o non autorizzati verranno considerati nulli e l’eventuale quota contributiva versata,considerata come semplice donazione.

Per ulteriori informazioni e dettagli sul regolamento dell'evento si rimanda al sito della FantasyEvents (clicca qui). Facendo richiesta di Pass si dichiara di aver letto, compreso ed accettato suddetto regolamento.

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SenseCon FEmily
to Jan 8

SenseCon FEmily

  • sheraton Conference Centre hotel (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The SenseCon FEmily ™ will take place in Rome in Via del Pattinaggio 100 at the Sheraton Conference Centre from 6th to 7th of January 2018  has a limited number of attendees. To have the chance to join it’s necessary ask for an invitation (pass) writing an email to ( with Pass name, your name , date and place of birth) .Once we verify your credentials, you will be sent the instructions with the link and password to subscribe to the event.

On the Event Shop page you can decide which pass you wish and for the Courage and Cluster Pass also if you prefer seating in a lateral or central section.

Subscription to the event may be paid via credit card or via wire transfer, if you chose to use the wire transfer, subscription needs to be paid within 2 business days of Pass booking and a payment confirmation has to be sent to, in the object of the email you need to write ” Subscription for SenseCon Pass name and your name” . You will receive an email within 2 weeks with your Pass confirmation.

To attend the event you must have more than 14 years old . From the age of 14 to 15 you need to be accompanied by a parent of by legal guardian; from the age of 16 to 18 you must have an authorization from a legal guardian. This is a Private Party, FantasyEvents CEO can deny or withdraw the invitation to anybody, especially to people that had/has or will interfere, in person or through social media, with its activities.


REBORN PASS  €. 130,00

 – Entry during the whole event

– One reserved seat into the main hall (by booking order behind the Courage and Cluster Pass) to assist the Q&A.

– Opportunity to book one or more photo ops or autographs.

– Opportunity to book Extras Options (Cocktail, Ball, Meet, etc.)

– Opportunity to take part in each and every contest

– Opportunity to access the merchandising area



It is possible to pay the subscription in one or 2 monthly installments



All that is included in the Reborn Pass plus:

– Best reserved seat into the main hall (by booking order behind the Cluster Pass) to assist the Q&A.

– 1 autograph to get personally from ONE regular guest (no Bonus)

– 1 photo-op with ONE Guest (no Bonus)


It is possible to pay the subscription in one or 2 monthly installments



All included in the Reborn Pass plus:

-First rowseat into the main hall (by booking order) to assist the Q&A.

– 1 autograph to get personally from each guest excluding BONUS Guests.

-1 photo-op with 2 regular guests, or 2 photos with 1 regular guest (No Bonus, no Duo)

– exclusive meeting with the guests in the event backstage

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Celtic Mystery Short Movie Festival
to Oct 30

Celtic Mystery Short Movie Festival

Hosted in London, UK, the 3rd edition of the Celtic Mystery Short Movie Festival will screen short films from around the world with a theme on Fantasy, horror or paranormal tales.
With workshops from your young and uprising directors and photography experts CMSM Festival welcomes a wide variety of memorable stories, accepting features from shorts to documentaries and animated works, offering an unforgettable opportunity for networking, celebrating, contemplating, and creating the future of storytelling.
The aim of the Festival is to encourage the rights of all attendees to access and experience the power of independent filmmaking, to promote Celtic culture, artistic excellence and the creative freedom of artists without censure.

To submit your movie click here.

Our Partner IPitchtv offers to festival finalists a 3 months free membership, while to the category winners will receive a free year membership to their platform.

iPITCH.TV offers a next generation platform for creators of original pitches for TV, Film & Digital Media to connect directly with Hollywood Producers and Studio Executives and gives creators industry pro advice on how to pitch a television show or feature film. Pitch your idea for a Movie, Screenplay, Television Show, Short Film, New Media Project and more.

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Strategy Intensive with Elliot Kay
to Oct 16

Strategy Intensive with Elliot Kay

  • Doubletree Hilton Westside (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

A weekend of pure Strategy to boost your business

Are you tired of Webinars, Online Courses that aren't tailored to your individual needs??

Get a breath of fresh air in these two full days of practical tips designed to build up YOUR business strategy to get you to at least 100k+ turnover in 12-18 months. At the end of the weekend you will walk away with a proven strategy tool, fully complete, that you can use daily to guide your actions. The same strategy tool has been used to build multi-million businesses. Moreover you will learn how to:

  • Ensure your business growth strategy is in line with your purpose and will give you the lifestyle you want.
  • The secret to making yourself stand out in the market place.
  • Unpick your income streams and rebuild them to maximize your monthly cash flow and get you the income you want
  • Define your USP and company promise
  • The 10 easiest ways to reduce your costs... and maximize your profits!
  • Establish your brand and positioning in the marketplace – giving you a clear marketing strategy so you can attract a steady stream of clients
  • Elliot's *proven* formula for calculating your price points to ensure YOU end up in the profit and your clients get massive value
  • Exclusive Facebook Group to follow up on your progresses and keep in touch with fellow entrepreneurs
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Strategy Breakthrough with Elliot Kay
to Oct 9

Strategy Breakthrough with Elliot Kay


Join UK's leading Strategist, Elliot Kay, for a unique event in LA. Elliot BRINGS HIS expertise in building businesses with coaches, speakers and or trainers TO TEACH YOU A STRATEGY SYSTEM THAT GETS you to 6 figures fast.

  • How can I start a business and be profitable quickly?
  • How can I scale my business?
  • How can I generate more leads?
  • How do I raise my profile and get noticed?

Through our strategy system, you will learn:

  • How to become the go-to person in your field
  • How to make your business highly profitable in the next 12 months
  • Align your business model with the lifestyle you want to live
  • Strategies you can implement so that you don't have to do EVERYthing yourself
  • How to manage your time to do what you love!
  • Formulate the ‘heartbeat’ for your business to drive forward your daily actions

PLUS, you will leave with a whole load of new contacts – connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and build your network.

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3:30 PM15:30

A Day With...

A DAY With... Nathaniel Buzolic passera' una giornata insieme ai suoi fan Sabato 17 Giugno 2017 nella meravigliosa citta' di Roma. Durante l'evento i partecipanti potranno assistere alle conferenze dove l'ospite parlera' sia delle sue esperienze sui vari set che delle sue passioni e le cause a cui e' legato, aver un autografo personalizzato, una foto con lui e partecipare ad un esclusivo tour insieme a Nate.

Nell'ingresso sono compresi: conferenze, UN autografo, la possibilita' di prenotare ulteriori autografi, possibilita' di prenotare una o piu' foto con l'ospite stesso, possibilita' di prenotare il tour esclusivo, braccialetto identificativo ricordo, spilla FEmily

Per partecipare e' necessario inviare una richiesta con i dati anagrafici propri ed eventualmente delle persone con cui desiderate partecipare a . Una volta inviata la email riceverete la password per accedere alla sezione A Day WIth e prenotare il Pass e le opzioni da voi desiderate. Il versamento e' immediato e puo' essere effettuato tramite carta di credito o bonifico bancario. In caso di bonifico bancario, il Pass sara' confermato solo al momento dell'attuale ricevimento della quota partecipativa.

Facendo richiesta di partecipazione dichiarate di aver letto, compreso ed accettato il regolamento della FantasyEvents

Spend a Day with Nathaniel Buzolic, Pass to event will give access to all Q&A session, one autograph with the Guest, and the possibility to book Photo-ops and an exclusive a city tour with the Guest himself. In order to attend and be able to access the event shop and book a Pass you need to send an email with your data (name, surname, birthdate) to
Event is open to all people over 14 yo, minors of 16yo will need to be accompanied by a person major of age and authorized by the legal guardian of the minor.
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