Regolamento/ T&C

Regolamento / T&C

FantasyEvents Network events are a private event held for a restricted number of attendees (some of the events may require minimum 16 years old age).  You will need to bring your automated confirmation email (pdf file) with you to enter the venue along with your ID or passport, and copy of payments for any Extra you may have booked to be able to withdraw your paper Pass and extras cards.
– ALL GUESTS are subject to change as their professional work demands take precedence on fan events, as can a personal conflict.Our event will take place whether a specific guest cancels or not (we always try to have replacements) and therefore we can not issue admission or package refunds if a particular guest does not fulfill their appearance contract.
– It will be possible to change name on a Pass ONLY due to extraordinary causes and in case all the subscriptions are already ended (no more available,”soldout”), all name changes need to be approved by FantasyEvents management,  only during the timeframe communicated.
– FantasyEvents Network will not be liable for any expenses incurred by participants in the event of displacement/ change / cancellation of the event. The ticket will grant access  to the event for which it was given or a replacement one.In the remote case that, for issues of force majeure independent from the will of the Company itself, the cancellation is deemed necessary, it will be reimbursed only the nominal value of the Pass you subscribed, reimbursement requests will only be accepted if submitted within 30 days of event cancellation communication. Comunication will be given on the Company Official facebook page and on website, there will be no individual communication.
-Only people holding Pass/ticket for the event will have the possibility to access to extra options (called Extra), such as Photo ops, Autographs, Meet&Greet etc… (extras may change for any event: to learn details about availability you will need to check the Extra section for each convention). Depending on the tier of the Pass, Extras may already be included in the Pass or to be booked separately. Extras include in Pass or previously booked will be included in the attendee’s welcome package in the form of brochure or cards that Fantasy Events against the copy of payment for its supportive contribution detailed in Section Pass Description. It is not possible to book an Extra without having a Pass. Gigs and live performances are an exception. You cannot book Extras without holding a pass. Those who will make a payment for an extra (gigs excluded) without holding a pass will be considered donation and there will be no reimbursement.
Every Extra Option card will allow attendees the entrance to the extra session described on it and that only. In case of large number of attendees, it might be necessary to split extras in several sessions depending on the Pass number/type or wristband color, that will be specified in the Event Schedule. Should this be the case, every attendee must show up at the specific day and time specified on the schedule for their extra session with his/her Pass and Extra Option card. Extra Option Sessions may develop along the 3 days of the event hence we absolutely recommend to attend all three days of the event, since we CAN NOT GUARANTEE the chance to recover the missed session. In case you miss your session, the subscription will not be reimbursed or transferred to other extras and will be considered a voluntary donation.
Loss of Pass or Extras cards will result as the impossibility to take part in the activities.
– Photos taken during the Photo Op Extra Session will be printed and made available during the event. Since the convention is spread over three days, printed copies may be given until the end of the very last moment of the event. Withdrawal of printed copy may be done also by other attendees. Fantasy Events Network is not required to send your printed copy if not withdrawn during the event. At discretion of the association, digital photo ops may be uploaded on a web platform. Attendee, equipped with password (ways to require passwords will be given for each event), will be able then to download the photos. Delivery or upload of digital files are solely at discretion of the association.
We remind that Conventions are a live event so activities may change; it is required, then, to pay attention to notices put online and/or given directly at the event.
– Photo taking is allowed only in the main room where Q&A Session will take place, from your seat and as long as staff will prompt you to stop. Photo taking is not allowed during autographing sessions or photo ops, during limited events photo taking will be allowed only when guests enter the room.
– During the whole event video and audio recording is strictly prohibited. Photographs are only allowed for personal use. No commercial use is authorized.
– It is absolutely forbidden to stop Guests in hallways asking for photos, autographs or similaria.
– Whoever will be found responsible of unruly or illegal behaviours that may cause disturbance to people or to the event, will be immediately expelled without any kind of reimbursement.
– All attendees consent to being filmed or photographed whilst at the event and by attending the event give their consent for said filming or photography to be used by FantasyEvents in any way they choose without any kind of monetary compensation.
– Fantasy Events Network will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to person or property, how-so-ever caused, over the course of the event.
– All venues chosen by FantasyEvents™ for its Conventions are barrier-free. Notwithstanding being barrier-free, according to its no-profit aim, accompanying person to 100% disabled person will be able to take part at event for FREE, just tell us name and data of person,, via email when booking Pass for Disabled person. The chaperone will have to be an able person resposable for the assisted person and will not be allowed to book any kind of Extra but will be allowed entrance in all areas of the event needed to accompany the disabled Pass owner. Should the chaperone wish to book any kind of Extras they will have to ask for a regular Pass.– Taking part to an event organized by FantasyEvents you declare to have read, understood and accept the rules written on its website and become a member of the Association for that year.
– FantasyEvents Network reserves the right to add, remove or amend any of the conditions on this website.